F Litter at 6 Weeks

Here are some photos of daily life here at Calypso for a litter of six week old puppies. During the summer our puppies are able to play outdoors when the weather is nice, but during the winter we have to be a little more creative. We *strongly* believe that puppies need room to run at a full gallop even as little babies in order to develop proper muscle tone and good, tight feet. Room to play and stimulating toys are also important for psychological development. We make sure puppies have a variety of toys that make noise. Our puppies have toys that squeak, talk, and sound like a variety of animals.

The tunnel is a big favorite here. The puppies use this to race away from each other when they are playing tag or keep away with the current favorite toy.

The green and red toy that the puppies are chewing on is a "Big Mean Kitty." Our adult cockers love this toy as well! You can get these at Petsmart or Target. They have a mini version as well that is great for all ages. The blue toy on the left is a "Hollee Roller" ball. These are pretty indestructible and this one has been around for a long time.

In this photo three puppies in the back are playing tug with the Big Mean Kitty, one little black puppy is watching the action, and another black puppy is chewing on the floral dog bed. If you buy expensive dog beds for your puppy, put them away until he or she is at least six months old unless you do not mind them being chewed to pieces. Flannel blankets and oversized towels make great bedding for young puppies who are still in the "chewing stage."

During the late evening, night, and early morning the puppies sleep in a "puppy pen."

Our six week old puppies also play with puppy friendly adults outside of their pen each day and are carried to be played with or snuggled with all over our home one or two at a time. They are stacked on the table each day for training and evaluating. At 5-6 weeks of age we give puppies their first haircuts. They are already used to baths and nail trims, although most puppies aren't impressed by either of those. As they get older, they will be introduced to other things, but at six weeks our puppies consider this routine very exciting and new.