E Litter

Whelped 11/01/2006

5 Red Boys and 1 Red Girl

Sire: Ch Lagromi Play it Again "Wincent"

Dam: Am/Can Ch Eden Hills Attraction RN "Bella"

This litter was whelped November 1st, 2006. The very first puppy was born a little after 11:00 pm on October 31st. We had trick-or-treaters visiting throughout most of Bella's early labor, so we have given all of the puppies candy names as their "puppy names."

Click on the links below to see the puppies or scroll down to see the puppies at age 12 Days.

E Litter at Age 5 Weeks

E Litter at Age 10.5 Weeks

Bella and puppies at 3 Days of age.

Puppies Picture Below At 12 Days Old

Snickers says, "I Can walk!!"

Taffy says, "Is this the way out??"


No Collar Boy "Snickers"

Green Boy "Twizzler"

Red Boy "Twix"

Yellow Boy "Reeces"

No Collar Girl "Taffy"

Blue Boy "Gumball"

Bella's Puppies on Tuesday, November 21, 2006.

Everybody wakes up.

Time to play.

Taffy and Snickers

Gumball is hungry!

Back to sleep...