CH Calypso's Fortunate Series of Events (Jack) (Black) CH Lagromi Play It Again (Wincent) (Red) SU(U)CH Northworth Again And Again WW-96 FINV-95 WW-95 JWW-94 FINUCH INTUCH Northworth Madman's Return NUCH GBSHCH Spinneyhill Sadler GBSHCH Quettadene Emblem GBSHCH Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Quettadene Fascination
Spinneyhill Shadow Canigou Victor of Cornbow
Spinneyhill Sweet Dreams
EUW-93 DKUCH FINUCH INTUCH ESCH Northworth Vulgar Taste FINUCH INTUCH Leavenworth Hold That Tiger NORDV-82 Bidston Solomon
NUCH FINUCH INTUCH Leavenworth Love Call
Swenglish Turn Me Loose NUCH Travis Two Tribes
Northworth Lady Play Again
Northworth Hue And Cry NUCH FINUCH INTUCH Tanac's Play It Again NUCH Travis True Grit Travis Back in Town
NUCH Travis Quivive
NUCH GBSHCH Rengil Rensheen Platonstown Star Quality of Rengil
Rengil Renlibby
Northworth Twice As Wild EECH FINUCH INTUCH Lecibsin Merry-Making Bryansbrook Sundance
FINUCH Leavenworth Merry Maid
KBHV-91 DKUCH FINUCH INTUCH Northworth Wild And Wise FINUCH INTUCH Leavenworth Hold That Tiger
FINUCH INTUCH Arabeskin Adalmiina
Apelhojens Return to Sender SU(U)CH Apelhojdens Whisky Sour Lynwater Diamond Drill Helenwood Sounds Familiar GBSHCH Quettadene Emblem
GHSHCH Helenwood Amerella
Lynwater Diamonds Forever GBSHCH Chataway The News Editor
Lynwater Diamond Dancer
Apelhojdens Lovely Lisa Greentree Gentlemens Agreement Yolanda's Midnight Special
Greentree Noccalula
Apelhojdens Lucky Again Rosaday Look Here I Come
Greentree Luckyday
SU(U)CH Apelhojdens Tender Touch Leavenworth Yes Indeed Leavenworth Paper Tiger FINUCH INTUCH Leavenworth Hold That Tiger
Leavenworth Talked About
Usemade Any Day Now NUCH Sorbrook Christmas Cheer
NORDUCH INTUCH Leavenworth Kisses For Sale
Apelhojdens Petite Success Greentree Dont Think Twice Greentree Hope'n Success
Greentree Noccalula
Apelhojens Honey-Suckle Rose NUCH GHSHCH Spinneyhill Sadler
Apelhojdens Lucky Charm
Quinlan Calypso Dark Angel (Maxine) (Black) Am/Can CH Nohea Orion RN OA OAJ JH WD OFA-G EC-4807G25M-PI (Liver) (Ryan) Am/Can CH Raccoon's Oh Boy At Nohea VCD1 MH OA NJP WDX ECM (Optigen A) OFA-G EC-4469G25M-PI (Liver) Pilula's Nonus Neinar Chocolademand (Liver) Multi CH Dan-L's Lets Talk About Sex (Black)  
Dan-L's Danupside-Down Ulrikke  
Raccoon's Xtra Pretty Int. Fin. CH Raccoon's Quite A Bomb  
Pansy's Pretty Belinda  
Woodwyn's Marsala Of Nohea VCD1 OA OAJ JH WDX (Optigen A) OFA-G EC 3528 G24F (Liver) CH Roselyn's Jim Beam of Woodwyn OFA-G EC 2934G26M (Liver) Cardamine Tantoby OFA-G EC-1582G48M (Blk & Tan)  
Woodwyn's Meadowsweet JH (Blk)  
Woodwyn's Brandywine OFA-G EC-2969G25F (Golden) Cardamine Tantoby OFA-G EC-1582G48M (Blk & Tan)  
Heidi Vom Dorenbusch OFA-Ex EC 1851E27F (Liver &Tan)  
Can CH Quinlan's Butterfly Calvery JH WDX OFA-G EC-5068G39F-PI (Blk & Wht) CH Charbonnel High N Dry OFA-G EC-40242G CERF: EC3116-17 (Optigen A) (Blue Roan) Eng. Sh. Ch. Glowhill Rob Roy Sh. Ch. Bitcon Troubador  
Glowhill Annalise  
Charbonnel Short N'Stormy Wilholme Stormy Day of Mossdew  
Charbonnel Short N'Sweet  
CH Happiness Mistress of Magic OFA29G CERF 69 (Optigen A) (Blk & Wht) CH Coltrim Cincinnati (Blk & Wht) Coltrim Mississippi Gambler KCSB  
Lochdene Lavender Blue Of Coltrim KCR  
CH Happiness Velveteen Rabbit OFA36E (Blue Roan) CH Happiness Stand And Deliver TD OFA25G  
CH Timmara Elite Of Happiness (Orange Roan)