Ch Lagromi Play It Again (Wincent)

PRA Normal/Clear ~ FN Normal/Clear ~ CERF Clear ~ Whelped 07/07/05

OFA Elbows Normal ~ OFA Patella's Normal ~ OFA Hips Good

(SU(u)CH Northworth Again And Again x Apelhojdens Return To Sender)

Wincent was born in Sweden and came to live in the US at fifteen weeks of age. The first time I saw the photo shown below of him at eight weeks, I was hooked. What a mushy little face. I knew from that expression he would be a sweetheart. Wincent was bred by Maria Ingvarsson of Kennel Lagromi. We can't thank her enough for sending us this wonderful dog. He was a beautiful, well constructed puppy who has turned into a lovely adult. He has a happy, merry, confident personality. He is a very easy to live with dog who charms visitors to our house by crawling into their laps and sneaking kisses. He absolutely loves dog shows, fetch, and GIRLS!

Litters Sired By Wincent

"E" Litter out of Am/Can Ch Eden Hills Attraction RN "Bella"

"F" Litter  out of Quinlan Calypso Dark Angel "Maxine"

"L" Litter  out of Am/Can Ch Calypso Audacity Strikes CD Am/Can RN WD "Sophie"

Wincent's Pedigree

Wincent's Photo Gallery


Wincent's list of accomplishments include:

BOB over specials from the 6-9 mth class for 3 pts

BOS to Best Puppy In Sweeps at the BC Cocker 2006 Specialty

BOS to Best Puppy In Sweeps at the Cascade ECS Fanciers 2006 Specialty show.


Wincent at age 3.5 Years.

Wincent at 2.5 Years

Wincent at 2.5 years. He is ready for the show and taking a break before ring time.

Wincent At 21 Months


Wincent at 10 Weeks


Wincent at 8 Weeks

Wincent at nine months.

Wincent at 13 months winning BOS in Puppy Sweepstakes at the CECSF Specialty show.

Wincent winning BOB from the 6-9 month class for his first major.


Wincent's sire, SU(u)CH Northworth Again And Again "Louie"