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The above video is of our "Hippy" Calypso Hip Hoppin' Not Stoppin'.


The "Book" Litter


We are a small hobby kennel breeder of English Cocker Spaniels located in WA State and SE Wisconsin. English Cocker Spaniels come in many colors; it is one of the wonderful things about this breed. English Cockers can be either parti-colored (this includes roan dogs and dogs with white body markings) or solid colored (no white other than the occasional mismark on the chest or face.) We primarily own and breed solid English Cocker Spaniels including red or golden, black, black and tan, and liver or chocolate. We have a deep love for this special breed and work with each breeding to improve the breed. Our dogs compete in many events such as Conformation, Obedience, Hunt Tests, and Agility. They are also our family pets. As a breeder of English Cockers, we sometimes have puppies available or can help to refer you to another reputable breeder. The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America website is a great place to learn about the breed as well as to start your search for a quality breeder. Visit them at We strongly believe in breeding for healthy dogs and great temperaments in addition to breeding for show and performance prospects. You can read more about our goals as breeders by visiting our About Us page. Please enjoy visiting our web pages and learning more about this wonderful breed and about each of our dogs.

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